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Certificate of Studies - Students completing 4 modules are eligible for the Certificate of Orthodox Christian Studies
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There are now three courses available for student registration. If you are not interested in Orthodox Christology then why not consider studying Church History, or Orthodox Monasticism?
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About the London School of Orthodox Christian Studies

The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies has been established to provide high quality distance-learning programmes to support the theological education of students in London, the United Kingdom and around the world.

The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies is rooted in the Orthodox tradition of the Oriental Orthodox communion, and the activities of the LSOCS will include the participation of members of these other Churches.

The courses presented by the LSOCS are intended to be of interest to members of all of the Oriental Orthodox Churches and will draw on a wide variety of texts and materials from the different traditions. These courses are not presently validated by any external body, but it is an aim of the School to develop a comprehensive catalogue of courses so that validation can be obtained in due course..

Contributors to the London School of Orthodox Christian Studies

Father Peter Farrington
Director of Studies

Father Peter Farrington

Father Peter studied at Moorlands Bible College for three years in preparation for ministry in the Evangelical movement, gaining the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Mission Studies.

Father Peter Farrington, is a priest of the British Orthodox diocese of the Coptic Orthodox Pariarchate. He has a great interest in the study of the Oriental Orthodox tradition, and in communicating that tradition to others. He has written on Christology and recently published a volume of essays as Orthodox Christology. He is also the Secretary of the Council of Oriental Orthodox Churches in the UK and Ireland, the Co-Secretary of the Catholic-Oriental Orthodox Regional Forum, and the Anglican-Oriental Orthodox Regional Forum.

Howard Middleton-Jones
Coptic Studies

Howard Middleton-Jones

Howard Middleton-Jones has been course developer and tutor for the Coptic Studies programme at the University of Swansea Department of Adult Continuing Education since 1996.

He has been a regular visitor to Egypt for the past 20 years and presented research papers to the IACS and St. Mark Foundation for Coptic History studies symposiums. He is a regular contributor to the series volumes Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt (AUC).

Recent presentations and published papers:

2010 ‘The Coptic Monasteries Multi-media database project’ in Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt Eds Gawdat Gabra and Hany N Takla pp 245-252 AUC press Cairo

2011 Towards the preservation of Coptic Churches in Egypt. A presentation at the Coptic Patriarchate Cairo

2012 ‘The Qubbat el-Hawa Project the Virtual Reconstruction of a Coptic site at Elephantine Aswan’. Christianity and Monasticism in Upper Egypt, Eds Gawdat Gabra and Hany N Takla (forthcoming) AUC press Cairo

2012 – The Coptic Heritage in Egypt and a proposed register for the preservation of Coptic churches in Egypt. A series of day seminars presented at St Athanasius Coptic Orthodox Theological College Melbourne Australia