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Certificate of Studies - Students completing 4 modules are eligible for the Certificate of Orthodox Christian Studies
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There are now three courses available for student registration. If you are not interested in Orthodox Christology then why not consider studying Church History, or Orthodox Monasticism?
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The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies

The vision of the London School of Orthodox Christian Studies is to offer a wide selection of courses for Orthodox Christians, and those who are interested in Orthodox Christianity, through distance learning programmes that allow students to study anywhere in the world, and at their own pace.

LSOCS is rooted in the Orthodox Tradition of the Oriental Orthodox Churches, that is, the Armenian, Coptic, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Indian and Syrian Orthodox Churches. Although much of the substance of this Orthodox Tradition is shared with members of the Eastern Orthodox Churches, nevertheless the Oriental Orthodox Churches have their own cultural and historical experience which requires an educational approach which takes this into account.

The LSOCS has been established to meet this need, and although based in the city of London, in the UK, it is producing high quality programmes of study that can be accessed by students from around the world.

Free Orthodox Catechesis Course

The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies is pleased to announce that a new Orthodox Catechesis course - Discovering Orthodoxy, will be launched on the 1st January, 2013. This course will contain 50 short units of one hour study covering every aspect of our Orthodox Faith. The course is designed for those who would like to learn about the Orthodox Faith for the first time, and those who are Orthodox and want to know more about their Faith.

Contributors to the course will include bishops, priests, theologians, academics and qualified deacons and laity from a wide range of Orthodox communities and congregations. Each unit will consist of approximately one hour of reading materials, with audio and video content, together with suggestions for further study.

Register for this course now for FREE, and learn more about some of the topics being covered on our Orthodox Catechesis page.

Council of Reference

The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies is advised by a Council of Reference which includes H.E. Metropolitan Seraphim of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate, H.G. Bishop Vahan Hovhanessian of the Armenian Orthodox Church, and H.G. Metropolitan Dr. Mathews Thimothios of the Indian Orthodox Church.

Student Registration

Distance LearningThe aim of the LSOCS is to provide distance learning courses which are accessible to as many interested students as possible. There is no formal educational requirement for participation, but prospective students should note that all materials will be provided in the English language, and that any assessments and essay requirements will also be in English. The level of study should be considered as comparable to a first year of UK university education. Please note that this course is not accredited with an external validating authority, but that accreditation of the programme will be sought when the course catalogue is complete.

Each course will require approximately 100 hours of study. This will include using audio lectures, study guide material, following a reading list, providing assessments in the form of short answer questions and one longer essay. Email support will be provided throughout the period of study, and an online learning platform will be accessible 24 hours a day to access reading materials and course notes.

Courses for UK students are 125 GBP, and £135 for International students approximately $200 USD and $200 CAD.

To register for any available courses click here to register.

Student computeri. Is it all online? - Yes, the course will be delivered entirely online, with electronic submission of assignments and tests.

ii. Will the reading material be freely available? - Yes, the material being used for study will all be available online either on other sites to which links will be given, or as texts and media available for use and download on the lsocs course website.

iii. Will I be able to manage this course and other commitments? - Yes, the course can be paced exactly to suit your circumstances, and there is no need to rush or skip material due to pressures of time. A course could even be completed in a year, which would require only a couple of hours listening and reading each week, surely within the scope of almost everyone. One of the aims of this venture is to encourage people around the world to engage in serious study of their Orthodox Faith as a matter of course, and so we would suggest that it is better to follow a course slowly, than be always waiting until there is time, very often we are never able to find the time.

What is being said about these courses by current students..

I just want to say that I'm mind blown by the reading material (and we're only on the introduction)!

I didn't realize how deep this subject was when I signed up.

I wish all the youth in the world had the opportunity to take this course.