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There are now three courses available for student registration. If you are not interested in Orthodox Christology then why not consider studying Church History, or Orthodox Monasticism?
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Orthodox Catechesis - Discovering Orthodoxy

St SeverusThe London School of Orthodox Christian Studies is launching the first units of a FREE Orthodox Catechesis course on the 1st January, 2013. This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn about the Orthodox Faith for the first time, or who wants to understand their own Orthodox Faith more completely. It is being created as a pan-Oriental Orthodox course and will provide a suitable introduction to the Orthodoxy of the Oriental Orthodox communion of Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Indian, Syriac and British Orthodox Christians.

Contributors to the course will include bishops, priests, theologians, academics and qualified deacons and laity from a wide range of Orthodox communities and congregations. Each unit will consist of approximately one hour of reading materials, with audio and video content, together with suggestions for further study. This list provides an overview of many of the topics which will be covered during the course.

This is a FREE course and we invite you to register for it now so that you can take up your studies on the 1st January. The course can be followed at your own pace, and is designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. The full catalogue of materials will be divided into small sections which can be studied and completed as you choose.

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But we also need sponsorship to allow us to fund the complete development of this course. We want to make this course FREE to all those who want to learn about the Orthodox Faith from around the world, and so we need your help to support the creation of materials that will interest and inform hundreds of students from Orthodox backgrounds, and those discovering Orthodoxy for the first time. Please make a donation now to allow us to offer this course to hundreds of students, Orthodox and non-Orthodox, around the world. Every donation makes a difference.

The Donation link is for a one off donation. Please consider the Subscribe link which will allow you to make a small regular monthly donation.

Monthly Support

  1. The Revelation of God
  2. Orthodox Tradition
  3. The Scriptures
  4. What is Faith
  5. What is the Faith of the Church

The Creed

  1. I believe in God .. the Father Almighty ..
  2. And in One Lord Jesus Christ ..
  3. Who for us men .. came down from heaven ..
  4. Was crucified under Pontius Pilate ..
  5. The third day he rose again ..
  6. He shall come again in glory ..
  7. And in the Holy Spirit ..
  8. In One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church ..
  9. I confess one baptism ..
  10. I look for the resurrection of the dead..

The Sacraments

  1. The Life of Grace
  2. Baptism
  3. Chrismation
  4. Eucharist
  5. Confession
  6. Ordination
  7. Marriage

The Liturgy

  1. The Meaning of the Liturgy
  2. The Origin of the Liturgy
  3. The Seasons of the Liturgical year
  4. The Fulfilment of Orthodox Liturgy

The Church

  1. The Church as the Body of Christ
  2. The Church as the Bride of Christ
  3. The Church as the Temple of the Lord
  4. Order in the Church
  5. Participation in the Church
  6. The Church and the churches
  7. Authority in the Church

Orthodox Spiritual Life

  1. The aim of the Orthodox Life
  2. The practice of Prayer
  3. The practice of Fasting
  4. Participation in the sacraments
  5. Learning obedience
  6. Holiness of heart and mind