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Courses - Orthodox Church History

This course provides a detailed consideration of the course of Orthodox Church History and will allow the student to gain a firm grasp of the significant people and events which influenced the Church in the first centuries. The course will provide an overview of the first millenia, but will also focus in some detail on the history of the various local Orthodox Churches with especial interest in the Oriental Orthodox Churches.

This course will require approximately 100 hours of study, including using audio lectures, following a reading list, making notes, using the study guide, submitting short answer assignments and one longer essay. It will be conducted entirely online.

The LSOCS learning platform website will provide reading and study materials, and email support from a tutor will be available throughout the period of study.

Satisfactory completion of this course will result in the award of a Certificate of Study. This course is not presently validated for any external award of credit.

The fees for this course are: UK students - £125, International students 135.

Registration and payment for this course is required before participation.

This course will begin publishing materials on 1st April.

Course Content

The Orthodox Church History course contains the following topics:

  • The New Testament community
  • The Second Century - Twelfth Century (in 10 units)
  • The History of the Armenian Orthodox Church
  • The History of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
  • The History of the Indian Orthodox Church
  • The Lost Churches of North and East Africa
  • Empires and the Church
  • Saints and Heretics

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